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There are so many resources, activities, events, functions and information available to parents that have children
. with disabilities that resides in Montgomery County Ohio.

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n We began in '96 with 5 Athletes
Infor S.O. Summer games. More

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InIn '96 we began with 3 Coaches.
InIn 2011 we had 10. View Coaches

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InIn '96 we began with 5 Athletes.
InIn 2011 we had 63. n View Athletes

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InOur Volunteers are the best!
InPar to none. View Volunteers

As parents of Children with disabilities, to take the knowledge and information that we receive from
agencies, organizations and/or other individuals and place ALL the info on one site for other parents and
supporters to access, is our primary goal.
Our Brave Kids was created specifically for that purpose.

We simply want parents to utilize our site to obtain information, resources ...and hope.

"You are not alone in your journey."

Some information contained on our site may be posted in PDF. In order to be able to view this material, you must download and install Adobe Reader.

...Our Brave Kids.com is specifically designed and goal oriented to focus on children with disabilities and to promote resources that are available
in the State of Ohio.

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