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Land of the free and the home of
"Our Brave Kids!"
Welcome to Our Brave Kids
Official Website!

Our team is Montgomery County Ohio based! Our website lists all the resources, events, functions and information related to our activities! Not yet a member of the team?
Join The Team!

Our Brave Kids.com is specifically designed and goal oriented to focus on children and individuals of ALL
ages with disabilities and to promote resources that
are available within the State of Ohio.

We invite you to view the list of
Community Resources that are available to individuals with disabilities.

..This section will tell you who we are and how ..the "Our Brave Kids" website came to be.

Ever wonder how it all began? The story is journaled with photos to accompany the journey.

.Without the efforts of ALOT of people with
.some pretty big daggone hearts, we would
.not be able to do half of what we do! Fact.

View the latest scheduled
events and activities
Announcements, schedule changes & cancellations are here!
Learn how to join the team and be a part of our story.

We simply want parents to utilize our site to obtain information, resources ...and hope.
"You are not alone in your journey."

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